Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Adventure in Singapore. If you travel with your kids,you have to do something different. I want to make my children happy. So I decided to plan our Asia trip to Singapore…..

Singapore is a small island country in Asia. It’s located in the south of Asia and it’s very close to Malaysia. Singapore is a very small and crowded island. 5 million people live in this tropical island. This island has tropical climate. After this short information about Singapore, I want to explain you our adventure of Universal Studios.

My twins are adrenaline seekers. They love roller coaster very much. When we arrived Singapore, first we bought Universal Studios tickets. My twins were very excited. There are many things to do and see in Universal Studios. This amusement park is located in Sentosa Island. We went there by taxi. It took about 30-35 minutes. We bought our tickets (it was very crowded) and we started to discover the park.

We took the map and we decided to start from Transformers attraction. Oh my God you feel yourself like in that movie…. It was very exciting.

Let’s start to discover Universal Studios together….

1.Sci-Fi City

This part has ‘Battlestar Galactica’,’Accelerator’,’Transformers The Ride’. I think Transformers attraction is the best.This experience is 3D and you feel yourself in that movie. Guests must be 102cm height to ride but you have to wait about 45 minutes for this attraction. Battlestar Galactica is a roller coaster. We liked it. You can feel the adrenaline in your body.


This part of the park has ‘Sesame Street Show’, ‘Lake Hollywood Spectacular’. You can see the fireworks show at night around Lake Hollywood Spectacular. Sesame Street Show is a very enjoyable show for kids. You can experience ‘Hollywood Walk of Frame’ and you can see the Minions characters in Hollywood part.

3.Ancient Egypt

You can see ancient pyramids, pharaohs and little ancient city in this part. There are many things to do in this part. ‘Revenge of the Mummy ‘ is a very fantastic roller coaster. You can feel yourself like in a ‘Mummy Movie’. You can experience warrior mummies and scarab beetles. Another attraction is ‘Treasure Hunters’. In this part young explorers can drive their own desert jeep. You can eat something in ‘Oasis Spice city’…

4.Lost World

It’s consists of two part. ‘Jurassic Park and’Waterworld’. Waterworld was amazing. They showed great performance in this part.I’m very impressed. We felt ourselves in a movie. This performance was live performance.

5.New York

You can find classic landmark in New York part. so What can we do in this part? We can experience ‘Lights,camera action’. This show contains movie effects.


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