I think the most beautiful city in the world is Bled. Lake Bled is glacial lake. You should absolutely see this place. Romantic Bled  far  from Ljubljana about 50 km. There are many attractions to do in Bled. You can go with your family or as a couple. Lake Bled is very calm and you can walk around  or run around the lake.

1.Canoe in Lake Bled

If you want you can canoe in the lake and you should visit the church in the lake. It’s very green and the view is like  heaven in Lake Bled. You can rent a canoe and discover the lake. The lake is really clean and the price is reasonable.

2.The Bled Castle

The Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia. The medieval Bled Castle sits 427 feet up above Lake Bled. You can walk up the stairs and experience the Lake Bled view. The view from the Castle Bled is amazing and please don’t forget eat kremsnita (traditional slovenian dessert.) there.

The Romantic Bled and The church looks fantastic from the castle. There is a restaurant in the castle. You can spend good time and enjoy the wiev there.

Kremsnita is a very delicious traditional Slovenian dessert. You can eat and also enjoy the wiev in a cafe.

The castle is very old you can see many just married couple there. The castle is very nice place to take  pictures.

3.The church on the island

You should absolutely visit ‘the church on the island’ in Bled.It’s the symbol of Lake Bled. You can see just married couple there. You can go with canoe or you can join  pletna tour there. ‘Pletna’ is traditional boat in Bled. The church has 99 stairs. ‘Just Married Couples’ come and they believe that if the groom carries his bride upstairs to the church,it brings luck.



1.You can canoe and sea the church in the lake.

2.Boat tour in the lake. (They called pletna)

3.Rent a bike and ride a bike around the lake.

4.Walk up the stairs and sea panaromic bled from the castle

5.Walk around the lake and take a picture .

How Can We Go There

You can choose shuttle or taxi. Shuttle serve is very cheap .It’s about 11-12 euro per person.

Where Can We Stay

You have many choose in Bled. We stayed at EFFİE PERİNE APARTMENTS. It’s very clean and comfortable.It’s far only 500m from lake (10 minutes by walk)

When is the Best Season

I think the best season is spring and autumn. We went there in Autumn season. The weather was warm. We went everywhere in Bled and we did many attractions in this season. The winter is very cold in Slovenia. If you interested in winter you can go there. Lake Bled is a glacial lake. I think, it looks amazing in winter.

Beautiful Lake Bohinj

Beautiful Lake Bohinj

When I went to the Lake Bohinj  I was very impressed. Because the Lake like a talent….calm, clear and wonderful. You can see all the colours there. The lake has amazing nature. The views are like a postcard. What can we do in this lake?

There are many attractions to do… You can do canoe, you can go fishing or walking around the beautiful lake. It’s very close to bled . You can buy a ticket (it’s about 5 euro) and you can go there, by bus. It takes about 25 minutes.

The other attaction is fishing. You can go fishing at the lake. The lake is very clear with many fish.

You can take pictures there. The lake is amazing so get your photo machine and shot beautiful landscape.


1.You should do canoe.

2.You should go fishing

3.You can walk and discover the nature.

4.You should take amazing landscape picture.

How Can I Go There

We stayed in Bled . You can go by bus very easly from bled to bohinj. If you want to come from Ljubljana (capital city), you can use private stuttle. It’s the best way I think. You can find the private shuttle at the airport. It’s about 12-13 euro per person.


note:The copyright of the photos belongs to me