New York

Feel Central Park, walk in Brooklyn Bridge and discover State Island. New York City is waiting for you.

City of Skyscapers ,New York

New York city is made up of five boroughs; Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronks and Staten Island. New York city is 24 hours alive.It never sleeps. There are many many things to do and see in New York. When I think about New York the first thing that comes to my mind is Manhattan. It was my dream, when I was a child. I wondered about Manhattan, The streets of this city and definately the ‘Statue of Liberty’. When I was a child, the Statue of Liberty picture hung on the wall in my room. And now my dreams came true. It was very exciting…..

Lets start to discover New York city…..


I think the most important borough of New York city is Manhattan. There are many things to do. You can visit Madame Tussauds museum and you can experience Ghost Busters dimension there.

We enjoyed very much. You feel yourself in a ghost busters movie. There are a lot of museums and restaurants. You should experience Manhattan at night. The lights and billboards look amazing. You can spend a good time in Manhattan…..

2.Times Square

The most famous place in Manhattan is of course ‘Times Square’. It’s always crowded. Many tourists come here to take pictures.You can find many restaurants, ubs, cinemas and theatres there. Don’t forget to buy a Brodway ticket from ‘Times Square’. The theatres of the 42nd street are the most famous theatres in the world. You should visit there. Brodway is located between 42nd to 47th streets. Times square has many skyscapers with the billboard. Times Square is 24 hours alive. You can see many street performers there. If you like shopping, this place is exactly for you.

3.Empire State Building

Empire State building is the symbol of Manhattan and New York. This building is the most famous building in city of skyscapers. It height 443 metres and it has 112 floors. 4 million tourists visit Empire State building in a year. We wondered this building and we decided to visit Empire State.

I think it was amazing. You can see all Manhattan scene from the top of the Empire State building. Night scene was magnificent. I recommend you this experience. You can visit Empire State building everyday from 08:00am to 02:00am. You have to pay for adult 34 dollars and for child (3-12) 27 dollars. If you want, you can buy  New York City Explorer Pass. You can save about %25…..

4.Rockefeller Center

Roceffeler Center is located in Manhattan between 50th to 51 streets. What can you see in Rockefeller Center? You can watch Rockefeller dance community in this center. You can watch this performance in Radio City Music Hall. If you want, you can enjoy enjoy the view of Manhattan from the top of the rock. You can spend a good time in front of the Rockefeller. It has many cafes and restaurants. This place changes into ice rink in winter. We went there. In summer season so we couldn’t see the ice rink.

At the time of it’s being in construction, the Rockefeller Center was the largest private building project in modern history. You can visit the Rockefeller Plaza everyday from 08.00am to 24am…..

5.Central Park

Central Park is the lungs of the New York City. This park is located in the city center also the most famous green area in New York. You can go for a walk, go jogging, riding a bike or have a picnic in Central Park. If you are a family you can visit Central Park Zoo. We stayed in manhattan in Hilton Times Square Hotel so we decided to go on foot with my kids. It took about 30 minutes on foot.


In the Central Park entrance, you can find park’s map. We bought it for 2 dollar.It has many parts and it is very green. We spent all day in this green heaven. You can rent a bike and experience the park by bike. If you want you can join in a horse-drawn carriage tour.It looks very fantastic. Central park is located on the 59th to 110th streets between Fifth Avenue. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the views.

The most important part of this park is The Bow Bridge. Take a romantic paddle around the lake (one-hour is about 15 dollar. You can see ‘Alice in Wonderland  Statue‘ in the Central Park. If you visit New York City over colder months, you should visit ice skating rink in Central Park. The other important part is Belvedere Castle. You can  climb up Belvedere Castle and enjoy the park views. You can see turtles in the turtle pond. You can spend a good time in the cafes and restaurants when you got tired.

We walked there for about 4 hours and discovered all the parts of Central Park. I would like to see the Central Park in autumn with colours. If you want to discover all the park, You should walk. We enjoyed and got tired after four hours but I think it’s worth it. We saw many people running and biking there. I think, New Yorkers love to do sports. It’s very healthy…..

The park is open from 06.00 am to 01.00am. If your hotel is far from the Central Park you can use subway to come there. The ticket is one way 2.5 dollar. It’s very cheap but the subway always crowded. Spend your day in the Central Park and enjoy the views…

6.Brooklyn Bridge

Everybody knows that Brooklyn Bridge is the symbol of New York City.Brooklyn Bridge interconnect  Manhattan to Brooklyn. It’s also very important for American history. This bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. Brooklyn Bridge is made of steel. This is the first steel made bridge. It height 89 metres. The entrance made as towers.

After a short information, I want to explain to you our Brooklyn Bridge experience. We decided to go by subway. It took about 40-45 minutes and than you have to walk about 15 minutes. You can see the other bridge (Manhattan Bridge) . The view of Brooklyn was amazing. A lot of tourists visit here. You can walk or ride a bike on Brooklyn Bridge.

We wrote our names on the Bridge. This is memory for us. We spent two hours on the Brooklyn Bridge and we decided to come back to hotel in Manhattan. I think it’s very easy to use subway in New York City. If you want to come back, you should go from Clark Street. You should use number 4,5 or 6 and get off on the City Hall station.

7.Bryant Park

Bryant Park is situated behind the New York Public Library in midtown Manhattan. It’s located between 40th and 42th streets to fifth and sixth avenues. We went on foot to Bryant Park. Because it’s very close to our hotel. Our hotel is located in Times Square Manhattan. This park is very nice place to spend a good time.

Everywhere is green and has many kind of flowers. You can eat waffle or ice-cream and you can enjoy the view of the Park. Bryant Park changes into ice-skating rink. Unfortunately we went there in summer and we couldn’t see the ice-skating rink. If you visit Bryant Park in winter season, skating hours is everyday from 08.00am to 10 pm.

When you visit Bryant Park, you feel yourself in a green nature also in the skyscapers. You can experience it together. You can sit on the chair and enjoy the view… We saw a chess player in the park. My twins are chess players, too. So they are interested in playing chess. We asked the man playing chessand my twins played together. It was very nice experience for us…

8.Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is the symbol of New York City. It was my dream. It’s located on the Liberty island. Statue of Liberty is in the ‘Unesco’s World Heritage’ since 1984. It was designed by Frederich Bartholdi.

Seven edge of the crown symbolize the seven continents or seven seas. We went to Battery Park by subway. And then you have to use ferry. We had tickets and we waited about 30-40 minutes for getting into the ferry. It took about 30 minutes and it was very crowded.

We took a lot of pictures there. I wanted to climb up to the crown but we learned, it was very late .We had to make reservation a month ago .No problem, my goal was to see the statue of Liberty and I’m so happy.

You can walk around the statue or you can enjoy the view of New York from the Liberty island. The ticket is 18 dollar. It’s open from 08.30am to 16.00pm. Don’t be late to see Statue of Liberty…




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