Amazing Dubai

Amazing Dubai

Amazing Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. This emirate is very modern and luxury.

1.Bur Dubai

Dubai is situated in Middle East. Dubai is a very expensive city in the middle east. It’s consists of two part. Bur Dubai (old dubai) and new Dubai. What can we find in Bur Dubai. We can find Spice Bazaar and Golden Bazaar there. If you interested in jewellery,you can find everything there. You can find various souvenirs and many kinds of spice in Spice Bazaar. We went there and we bought a lot of souvenirs. The people were very kind but they are Indian and Pakistani. You can see Arabian people only at the mall with their expensive cars. We went there and bought some souvenirs.




There are many things to do and see. You should see Marina and eat something in  a restaurant.This views like Newyork skyscaper.You can buy a daily boat tour and experience Marina at night.We went there in the afternoon.This was sunny day.I liked the views.I think it was amazing.I’m very impressed.I feel myself in European country.Everything was clear,modern and luxury.We decided to join in a boat tour.The boat tour price was reasonable and the dinner included.I recommend you Marina Night tour.You can discover Dubai Marina at night.


The weather is always hot in Dubai but you should go there between October-March .Because  the felt temperature is about 50 degree.



Jumeriah beach is the most popular beach in Dubai.It ‘s close to Burj Al Arab.The water is clear warm but in January is a little bit cold.I recommend  you Jumeriah Beach.Because it’s free.You don’t have to pay money.You can spend good time with Burj Al Arab Hotel’s view.You can see amazing villas in Jumeriah.


Everybody knows about this, Burj Al Arab Hotel is 7 stars hotel in Amazing Dubai.It’s very expensive and if you want to see inside this hotel ,you have to pay money.It’s symbol of Dubai.If you want to see the hotel,you should have lunch and pay about 100 dollars.We didn’t pay 100 dollars.I think spend time at beach better for us.I heard inside the hotel made of gold and everything luxury.


4.Burj Khalife

Another place you should see is  Burj Khalife .Burj Khalife is the world’s tallest building at 828 meters.You should see the sound and  light performance there.It’s free.It’s located in Dubai Mall.


5.Souk al Bahar

Souk al Bahar is designed in Arabic style to resemble an ancient souk.You can find gift shops there and it’s close to Dubai mall with Burj Khalife.We discovered the Souk and then we watched sound and light show at Burj Khalifa.It was fantastic.It’s free.You can shopping in the mall and then you can enjoy the show.You should absolutely watch this show.


6.Jeep Safari

The best experience in Amazing Dubai is of course jeep safari.It’s very enjoyable and you can see arabian desert.I highly recommend this experience.You can do sand boarding there.It’s included in the price.My children like sand boarding.It’s very different experience I think.You should try it.You can ride a camel in a desert.

After jeep safari you can experience the arabian dancer with delicious dinner at night.I think it’s a very enjoyable activities.We joined to jeep safari(It was about 50 dollars).They picked up us from the hotel and we started to experience the Arabian Desert.It took about 2 hours.We shaked in the jeep during the tour.It was very exciting.and Then we took a break in a desert to take a pictures.

My twins did sand boarding on the Arabian desert.The had fun very much and then we had dinner (traditional taste) .The dinner was very delicious.We ate appetizer ,salad and kebabs.We watched dance show and the tour ended.


7.Miracle Garden

I think you should absolutely see Miracle Garden in Dubai.Dubai is a desert but they built a flower heaven there.You can see Eiffel Tower,Japanese houses,windmill and Burj Al Khalife with flower there.They are very colorful.It’s very nice place to take a picture.


8.Medinah Jumeriah

The other place you should see is Medinah Jumeriah.You can see many souvenir shops and many restaurants to spend good time in Dubai.

9.Ski Dubai

You should go to Ski Dubai.It’s in the mall of emirates.It’s very big mall.You can shopping there and than you can experience ski in the artificial ski area.

What should I do in Dubai?

1.Go dubai mall and watch sound and light show at night.

2.Go to jumeriah beach and spend good time at the beach with Burj Al Arab Hotel view.

3.Go to the desert tour in Arabian Desert and experience arabian culture.

4.Go to the Miracle Garden

5.Go to the spice and golden bazaar

6.Go to Ski Dubai

Where to stay?

Ramada hotel

How can you go?

Emirates airways

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