A Fairytale Agva,Turkey

   I think Fairytale Agva is the most beautiful place in Turkey. Agva has impressive green nature.It looks like fairytale….. When I see  Agva in my computer ,I’m very impressed. I wanted a calm vacation and I decided to go there…..

     First ,we booked a hotel there. It looked very nice. We live in Izmir,so we went there by plane. It took one hour.Agva belongs Sile and Sile  1,5 hours from Istanbul Ataturk airport. We rented a car. We had lunch in a restaurant which is on the road. It was a village restaurant. Everything was natural and delicious. It name is Volkan the meat restaurant.I recommend this restaurant. Then we went on our journey.

Finally we were at the hotel. It was fascinating. Everything was green and has amazing colorful flowers. We put our luggage in the room and we travelled with pedalo on the river. You can feel the nature and you can be relax there. Then we decided to discover Agva. So what can we do in this place?

1.Kilimli and Kadirga Coves

Kilimli Cove is 7km far from the Agva center. It’s very calm and has famous rock. The name of rock is ‘Bride Rock’. This rock is consist of wind and wave. This rock looks like bride that’s why the name of this rock is ‘Bride Rock’. We walked there . You can take a picture and enjoy the view.

2.Hacilli Village and Camping Area

Hacilli village is a camping area. Hacilli village is 100km  from Istanbul but if you are in Agva it’s very close. It’s only 19km far from Agva center. We went there by car. It took about 25-30 minutes.Hacilli village is a very popular location in Agva.If you want to discover Hacilli ,you can go camping there. It’s very nice experience for family or friends. You can see the Hacilli waterfalls and you can go trekking in Hacilli. Camping area is in the entrance. We saw a lot of people in the camping area. So we decided to go trekking in this area. I and my twins started to walk.I think Hacilli has amazing nature. We walked about two hours then we got lost there. Because we had no map and we had no guide there. What an adventure….. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the waterfalls. We experienced the nature and the river. Then we came back to the entrance.

3.Goksu Creek

Goksu creek is located in the west of Agva. You can go pedalo or you can do daily  boat tour in Goksu creek. It’s a very romantic experience. Our hotel is located near Goksu creek. You can find many hotels near the creek. You can drink some wine and enjoy the view…..

4.Agva Shore

Agva shore has amazing blue sea. It’s a very nice place to spend a good time. You can go swimming or you can take a sunbath there. You can see the lighthouse at the end of the coast.

When can I go There?

You can go there in summer,autumn and spring season. I think the best season is spring. We went Agva on May. It’s very calm and fresh.Don’t forget to  take coat with you.Sometimes you need umbrella.Because Agva has amazing green nature and trees.So sometimes can be rainy.

Where to stay?

You have a lot of choice to stay in Agva. If you want,you can stay in Bungalow ar you can choose a hotel there. We stayed in Paradise hotel. The hotel had amazing garden ,pool,green nature and flowers.but we didn’t like the room. Because it’s very old but the staff is very friendly.

How Can I Go There?

You can rent a car and go by car from Istanbul airport. It takes about 1-1.5 hours.Have a nice journey…..



The copyright of the photos belong to me